Terms & Conditions

Please have a look below at our terms if you want to have a look at our fine print.

There shouldn't be any surprises here - we are defintely not trying to hide anything or spring anything on you after you have signed-up with Tellnet. Our terms are here so we can both understand each other as well as possible, and we have tried to keep them as fair and simple as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions at all - we are here to help!

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Standard Agreement
This is our standard agreement setting out the terms and conditions on which we supply our products and services to you. Both You and Tellnet are bound by these. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Billing & Charging Policy
This document sets out how We bill and charge You for Tellnet and ancillary products. It is part of our CRA and applies to all Tellnet customers. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Home Phone International Call Rates
This document includes the latest international call rates for Tellnet home phone plans. These rates can change from time to time so please check regularly. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Home Phone Value Added Services
The attached special features are available on your phone line. If you already have these on your phone line with another provider, these will be transferred with your phone line when your service is transferred to Tellnet and added to your monthly bill. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Privacy Policy
Sets out the way in which Tellnet treats your personal information. It deals with our collection, use, disclosure and security measures in regard to this information. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Complaints Handling Policy
This document outlines details on how we handle complaints. You have a right to complain, and if you do we will deal with your complaint in a fair, efficient and objective manner. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Financial Hardship Policy
If you are having a problem paying your bill, or you wish to discuss options to minimise your bill, please read this policy for details on what we will do. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Authorised Representative Appointment
We take privacy seriously at Tellnet, and we understand that sometimes it is necessary to have someone else help you with your account. If you would like to add someone to your account as an authorised representative, use this form. Last updated 08/06/17.

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Estimating Your Usage
A guide to understanding how much data is downloaded and uploaded from your device when using the internet. Last updated 08/06/17.

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