Critical Information Summaries

As part of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (TCP), all telecommunication suppliers provide a Critical Information Summary (CIS) for each of their current offers. The CIS allows you to compare offers across all suppliers and find the one that best suits your needs.

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  Unlimited NBN CIS 02/12/2016
  Unlimited Freedom CIS 14/06/2016
  100GB Freedom CIS 14/06/2016
  600GB Freedom CIS 14/06/2016
  ADSL CIS - Regional Bundles 01/04/2016
  NBN CIS - 1200GB 01/04/2016
  ADSL CIS - Metro Bundles 01/04/2016
  NBN CIS - 100GB 01/04/2016
  NBN CIS - 200GB 01/04/2016
  NBN CIS - 30GB 01/04/2016
  CIS - Landline Plans 10/06/2015

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